School Policies and Procedures

North Dade Center for Modern Languages

Attendance Policy

Your child’s success at school depends on GOOD ATTENDANCE!

Persistent absenteeism creates a genuine hardship for a student and is regarded a very serious problem. All absences are recorded as UNEXCUSED until a doctor’s note or a letter from the parent is received explaining the reason for the absence. The note MUST be sent within 3 days of the absence. After 3 days, the absence CANNOT be changed.


Excused Absence – A signed note from a doctor or parent regarding student illness or medical appointment (please schedule appointments after school whenever possible); death in the family; court appointment; mandated religious observance.

Unexcused Absence – Vacations, personal services, local non-school event, illness of others, non-compliance with immunization requirements (unless lawfully exempted); any other absence not identified as “excused.”

Tardies – Punctuality is also very important! Repeated or continual tardy arrivals may result in detentions, parent notifications, loss of student privileges or official Attendance Review Meetings.

Dismissal Procedures


Parental responsibility resumes at your child’s dismissal time. Please pick up your child on time. There is no supervision for your child after dismissal unless he/she is enrolled in the After Care Program. Students who are not enrolled in an after school program are not permitted to remain on campus after regular dismissal time for any reason. All students will be escorted to their designated exits. Older students in grades 2-5 may walk home given parental permission. Kindergarten and first grade students dismissed at 3:50 are not permitted to walk home alone or remain on campus after regular dismissal time to wait for a relative in an upper grade who is dismissed at 4:05pm. Repeated late pickups may result in severe consequences. For example, local police and/or state children authorities may be contacted. If your child qualifies for bus transportation, we strongly encourage you to use it. Private bus transportation may also be arranged by parents, if you so choose.

Rainy day dismissal

Please make prior rainy day arrangements with your child. The main office phone is not available for students to make arrangements to get home.

Late Pick Ups

While we understand that occasional emergencies may occur, it is our expectation that students will be picked up in a timely manner each day. Security personnel will be available for 20 minutes after dismissal to oversee students, after that time, late students are walked into the Main Office. Students who are picked up late 3 or more times during a nine-week period will not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities and/or field trips. NOTE: If a child has not been picked up by 5:00 p.m., a call to the Florida Abuse Hotline will be placed.

What about Supplies and Uniforms?

Uniforms Policy

North Dade Center for Modern Languages is a mandatory uniform school. We take great pride in the appearance of the students enrolled in the school. The school PTA is selling uniform tops, log-in to the following for more information . It is the responsibility of the parent to have the proper daily attire ensuring that the student’s appearance reflects a clean and orderly look. ALL students are expected to dress daily in the appropriate school uniform with their shirts tucked in. Monday through Thursday students must wear their polo uniform top. School uniform t-shirts or program t-shirts may be worn on Fridays only. Jeans are NOT acceptable.


Girls (K-5 grades)

  • White, light blue or, light yellow polo shirt with embroidered school logo or patch
  • Friday t-shirt
  • Navy blue or green plaid “skort” or pant (NO SKIRTS)
  • Navy blue sweater
  • Sneakers or closed toe shoes


Boys (K-5 grades)

  • White, light blue, or light yellow polo shirt with embroidered school logo or patch
  • Navy shorts or pants
  • Friday t-shirt
  • Navy blue sweater
  • Sneakers or closed toe shoes

What about School Supplies?

At North Dade Center for Modern Languages each grade level has it own unique supply list. Please be sure to write your child’s name on all belongings. Please view our info sheet for information on required uniform and supplies for your child.

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