“Challenging Our Young Leaders’ Hearts & Minds”

Why Choose CML


  • CML’s international magnet program of study prepares learners to become, bilingual, and biliterate in either Spanish or French, allowing them to step boldly into the future.
  • Students obtain high academic achievement and learn leadership skills.
  • CML is nationally recognized by Magnet Schools of America as a School of Distinction and has earned the status of an ‘A School’ by the Florida Department of Education for over 25 years.


Approaches to Learning

CML uses multiple and innovative modes of learning to help students achieve strong mathematical and scientific skills. The school’s program of study promotes a sense of empathy, activism, and environmental awareness. CML’s culturally responsive curriculum allows the exchange of ideas and collaboration between students.

Your child will gain an early competitive edge by learning another language and culture. From an early age, CML students cultivate an appreciation of diversity as they learn to study and communicate in a multicultural learning environment. Scholars’ creativity and motivation to study are increased through our wonderful program and caring teachers. Plus, as a parent you will be happy to learn that CML is a friendly, nurturing, and loving environment for you and your child. Our teachers are qualified and dedicated to giving you and your child an outstanding educational experience. Be prepared because we do have high expectations of our young scholars and parents, which equal high performance.

The “magnet focus” is foreign language/international studies. The program includes an accredited cooperative agreement with the government of Spain that integrates international curriculum in all core areas with an emphasis on critical thinking skills, problem-solving and culture. The program ensures our young scholars get a well-rounded, world class education that allows them to compete successfully with their peers across the globe.

How to Apply

Applications may be obtained online during the October 1st – January 15th application period. Once the completed application is received, eligibility is determined. When the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of spaces available in a magnet program, a computerized random selection process is used for student selection.

Additional information on the Magnet Application process can be found at the School Choice & Parental Options website: or contact the school for enrollment opportunities outside the normal Magnet Application period.


  • Kindergarten Magnet applications are interest-based only. No entrance criteria required.
  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 is required in each core academic subject area (e.g. language arts, mathematics, science, social studies) for the previous year and the first grading period of the current year combined for 1st through 5th grades (International Education and International Studies Programs).
  • A proficiency French/Spanish test is required for the French International Studies (IS) and the Spanish International Studies (IS) Magnet programs for 2nd through 5th grades. Parents must schedule any required language skills testing for the International Studies (IS) programs for incoming 2nd through 5th grades by January 15th.
  • The French International Education (IE) and the Spanish International Education (IE) Magnet programs do not have test requirements.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to contact the school for requirements that are school-specific (e.g. proficiency tests, auditions, etc.) and submit all required documentation by January 15th.

Regular Application Period

Application period opens October 1st. Applications are accepted for the upcoming school year. Applications are handled by the District offices. To begin the application process, click here.

Off-Cycle Application Period

After the Regular Application Period has ended on January 15 and all parent acceptances have been recieved, the school will provide any available seats to eligible students on a first-come, first-serve basis. To apply durning the Off-Cycle period, please contact us directly.

2020-2021 Student Registration

Email your registrations inquires to our Magnet Lead Teacher, Ms. Jeannette D’Amour: 

Contact information

(305) 625-3885

Who should come to CML?


  • students who have a strong commitment to our program
  • students who are highly motivated to learn a second language
  • students who can handle an academically rigorous environment
  • students who can spend an extra hour learning each day


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