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Meet the School Staff

“Challenging Our Young Leaders’ Hearts & Minds” 

Instructional Staff

Nada Alasmi Grade 3
Bertha Alis Grade 5
Maria Alonso Grade 5
Michelle Egan Grade K
Silva Flores Grade 5
Geziai Garmendia Grade 3
Keith Guthrie Grade 2
Natalie Hernandez Grade K
Marlene Llano Grades 3
 Jennifer Mayol Grade 1 
Maria Numssen Grade 4 
Yvette Perez Grade 4 
Stephen Robertson  Grade 2 
Debonaire Rodriguez    Grade 1 
Yvette Sanchez  Grade K 
Milany Stinnett Grade 2 
Cecilia Vickers  Grade K 
Chastity Zaldivar Grade 4

Special Area/World Language  Teachers

Jessica Mccloud Music Teacher
Natalia Trovato Art Teacher
Gregory Tillman P. E.  Teacher
Mercedes Bonilla Spanish
Harlie Cohen Spanish
Jose Nunez-Blanco French

Support Staff

 Jattie Branch  Counselor 
Kristen English  Student Services 
Jeanette D’Amour  Lead Magnet 
Patricia Stephens  Media Specialist 
Arelys Sotolongo  School Clerk 
Marcdala Lubin Registar 
Teresita Valdes Prin. Secretary/ Treasurer 

Accepting Applications!

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